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Bran is standing before Arthur Pendragon's writing desk, touching the things his father left on it. He can hardly read Arthur's handwriting, he realises. The king's notes, scratched into the wax on an ivory tablet and written in ink on pages of vellum, are in Latin that is heavy with abbreviations and does not even have spaces between the words. The rounded script, incomprehensible as it is, does remind him of something, and he can't remember what.

Bran's head is pounding, as it has been since he arrived. Yesterday? He thinks they came yesterday.

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Every inch of this country, he thinks, strikes a chord deep inside him. Every inch seems familiar and beloved.

And at the same time, it's all new.

There are no scheduled demands on his time here, at least not yet. The only clear demand is the constant awareness, day and night, of the part of his mind working always on the spells holding this country together around Bran. It's a little distracting, but not so bad.

So he's exploring. Partly.

Partly, he's keeping an eye open for Bran.

And others. But mostly, at the moment, for Bran.

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Will's clothing, a moment ago, was a light linen shirt and wool trousers; this is still true, but the cut of them is subtly more modern as he steps fully into the room.

"Settling disputes and the like, I should think, at least in part," Will answers, with a glance at the tablets. He's a little too far away at the moment to read them clearly.

Wryly, "Though I don't know how many there would be here."

It is not a country conducive to discord.

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"And it is new," Will says quietly.

"Very little even in magic comes to you all together, all at once. Complete, like that."

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"Some of it."

Will can, not because of schoolboy Latin but because an Old One has skill with all languages if he sets his mind to it. He glances at the tablet briefly -- it is, indeed, notes on a dispute between Glyndwr and Gaheris -- and dismisses it.

"If you did not belong here at least somewhat, Bran, you could not be here at all. Let alone as you are."

"I don't know everything about it either."

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Will's back straightens fractionally, in unconscious reaction to that term of address from Bran, here in Arthur's study in the Summer Country.

"It is familiar," he says slowly, "and utterly new. All at the same time. As if I dreamed it once, but still I am learning it for the first time."

"The Circle is joined here, and there are people I am glad to see. And..." he glances at the desk again briefly, looking for the right words. "I can feel the work being done, always. But it is not a burden. Nothing like that -- only something that is there."

Soberly, "It is easier for me, I think. But I do not know everything here either."

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Will inclines his head, the old gesture of grave and restrained formality.

And then "'Course," he says, with a crooked grin that makes some of the Old One's solemnity vanish into cheerful boyhood.

Not all. But some.

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"I can't think of anything," Will says after a moment's reflection, gravely in response to Bran's demeanor. "The spells of this land go as they do, and go well. And for myself I am well."

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"There's an idea. Some of it's marvelous, isn't it? All that heavy Viking gold, and then the dainty work right next to it."

He grins slightly. "My professors would be very impressed with how much I seemed to have studied theory and history over hols."

Not that Will is likely to let much slip to them, really. And not that he doesn't keep a diplomatic silence about how much history he knows anyway.

Date: 2007-01-24 12:05 am (UTC)
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"Of course not," Will says with dignity. "I revise a perfectly normal amount."


"Mind, I think the entire history department suspects I have a photographic memory."

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Will laughs.

"Yes, and they'd have me off for a nice long talk with a psychologist, for that. Or another rest cure to Wales. Nice way to skive off exams sometime, I suppose."

Date: 2007-01-24 12:39 am (UTC)
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Will snorts.

"We can both be dreadfully surprised by our poor marks afterwards. It's a brilliant plan."


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